GPS Tracking for Vehicle & Assets

GPS Tracking for Vehicle & Assets

TrackCam provides a wide range of GPS tracking solutions tailored to suit your specific needs. Our advanced systems can monitor and manage a variety of assets, including trailers, heavy equipment, machinery, shipping containers, toolboxes, and more. With TrackCam, you'll always know the location and status of your valuable assets, ensuring their safety and improving your operational efficiency.

Geotab G9 OBD Plug In Tracker

Get ultra precise tracking with Geotab, the world leader in GPS vehicle tracking. Know when unsafe or unproductive events occur in near real time. Build detailed reports to manage every aspect of your fleets performance.

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Topfly TL W12B

This versatile tracker can be wired to vehicle power for regular tracking. But if power is lost from an outside source the tracker uses it's large internal battery to continue tracking for up to 20 days.

Teltonika TAT140

This tracker is used for long term, totally self contained slap and track use. The battery is rated for 3 years of periodic tracking. It's small size and internal battery allows it to be attached to tools, trailers, heavy equipment, pallets or anything else you need to track.

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Don't hesitate to call us today to explore how TrackCam GPS tracking and video camera systems can assist you in enhancing your fleet management. We're eager to discuss your company's distinct needs and show you how our solutions can optimize your operations. For more details, feel free to check out our incident videos.

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