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Get the Ideal Dash Cam Solution for Your Fleet

Get the Ideal Dash Cam Solution for Your Fleet

TrackCam offers many different dash cam options to suit your needs. Whether you just need 1 camera facing the road or 8 cameras inside and outside your vehicle, we have you covered. All our dash cams offer 4G high speed cellular connection, which means you can see what's happening with your entire fleet throughout the day. When something happens to one of your vehicles, you can request a video and see what really occurred.

Advanced AI Enabled Dash Cams Systems

Advanced AI Enabled Dash Cams Systems

For fleets seeking cutting-edge technology, we offer dash cam systems equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) features. These systems proactively warn drivers about potential accidents or incidents before they happen, allowing for timely intervention and prevention. Experience the power of AI-enhanced dash cams in enhancing fleet safety and efficiency.

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Zenducam AD Plus

This is our most popular dash cam option, offering high quality video with wide views, advanced AI features to monitor road conditions and driver performance. All of this in a compact package that is easy to install and maintain.

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Zenducam X3N

For vehicles that need up to 8 camera views per vehicle, this powerhouse will do the job. Rugged construction built for rough environments, this mobile digital video recorder will handle the most challenging requirements.

Sensata CP4S


This mobile DVR will support up to 4 cameras that can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle. The commercial grade construction of this device makes it ideal for those applications where extreme reliability is a must.

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Don't hesitate to call us today to explore how TrackCam GPS tracking and video camera systems can assist you in enhancing your fleet management. We're eager to discuss your company's distinct needs and show you how our solutions can optimize your operations. For more details, feel free to check out our incident videos.

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