Actual Incidents of Our Customers

Actual Incidents of Our Customers

No, You Backed Into Me!

The driver in the truck in front claimed that our customer's driver rear-ended him. This kind of thing happens a lot, where drivers are unfairly blamed for an accident. The video doesn't lie, though!

Truck Doesn't Stop in Time

The driver was inattentive for just a moment, but that was all it took.

Truck Tips Over

The refuse hauler was going a little too fast enter the highway.

Lane Splitting Disaster

Sometimes our cameras record accidents that others are involved in.

Van Crashes into Truck While
on a Delivery

Our customer had video proof that they were not blocking traffic or moving at the time of the accident.

White car turns left, bad idea

The white car clearly was in the wrong and our customer had the video to prove it.

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A white truck is driving down the street.